Discovering Myanmar

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3 reasons why choose to visit myanmar:


Shan state: between traditional cities and picturesque nature 

How to multiply trips in one and get off the beaten track? Keng Tung is probably the solution. Located in the middle of a valley of rice fields in the east of Shan State, surrounded by more than 2,000 m of high mountains, this city is ideal for hiking and walking without leaving the city. Discover the high hills and steep slopes by stopping at the villages established near the rivers and living rice crops. Moreover, this friendly city is a superb opportunity to become aware of the great ethnic diversity of the country and to meet these inhabitants. You will access this hidden treasure by the Thai border of Tachileik.


Burmese culture, embodied by the locals

You will have understood it, this country is also a country of human adventures: the treks close to Ho Kyin will be the occasion of thousand finds. First of all the green tea plantations of the mountains hidden in the heart of green valleys and to which access is made thanks to narrow and steep roads, but also the pearls of the places that are the mountain tribes Akha, Lahu, Ann… These people believe in various religions (Buddhist, animist and also Christian) and your eyes will very quickly recognize them by their distinct fabrics. But the place where you can see all minorities interacting together is of course the market, where ethnic groups buy and sell each other’s specialities. One of the largest is the one in Bogyoke known as Scott Market. Its 2000 shops offer the largest selection of typical Burmese handicrafts and objects from all over the country: fabrics, precious stones (jade, rubies and sapphires), basketry and braided bamboo, lacquers, puppets, antiques… In Wan Kan, rice wine is in the spotlight, and in Wan Lau it is Shan paper. Those traditional tribes live modestly, their way of life has not changed for many years, and they all have have their own traditions. By this journey, you will have a front row seat to appreciate their kindness, their welcome and their know-how. Then wander and lose yourself with them for an unforgettable human sharing…


The spiritual approach and the influences of Buddhism

In Burma, Buddhism is the most widely practiced religion. The religious fervour in Burma is truly impressive. Temples, monasteries and pagodas blend into the scenery of a powerful nature. How to feel this Buddhist fervor? On your way, stop at the Shwe Yan Pyay Monastery, an amazing 19th century monastery, its huge Burmese teak facades are breath taking, pierced with equally grand oval windows…but one of the most unforgettable monasteries is Nga Hpe Chaung. Sail along the river to this magnificent building where jumping cats will welcome you with their multiple pirouettes, and lead you to the huge collection of Buddha, for a surprising and total Buddhist immersion.